Our journey beings with you and your path towards spiritual enlightenment
for it is you and you alone that govens your spiritual path.
For within you awaits another you! .

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You will discover the truest depths of your own spiritual journey within this site. Along the way you will learn advanced physical and spiritual skills. Such as telepathy through the etheric and etheric projection which is used in interestellar travel

you'll also discover your truest form the you within. Also you will learn other skills like telekinesis, charkas, seeing auras, meridians, the light body, inner spiritual development, prana energy, wingmaker science, meditation, and more on the contents page.

Through the teachings of the wingmaker ways please always remember the wingmakers code as you make your way. For it is through the inner workings of our heart's development. That is where we find ourselves. For within you awaits another you!
Love and light My Brothers and Sisters.

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